Don’t let them hear you,
Hide your voice.
Don’t try to fight it;
You have no choice,
I mean, come on, man,
You see that man,
Cryin’ out to feel again!
But you walk away,
Careless of the suffering he’s enduring.
Or the woman who sells what’s left of herself on the street,
Oh, lovely lady, can you not see?
You were made for so much more, something beautiful beyond compare.
And I’m sorry that, until now, I didn’t even care.
But now I’m gonna start caring, because when I start caring then maybe others will start caring, and then maybe others will start caring.
Can you see her? That poor lady? 
She’s in such a strange place, 
Somewhere where nobody cares about her,
And so she continues living as she is, passin’ strangers by, always asking, “Why?”
But you see, it’s not always us who can’t see what need to be seen in order to see things in the way that they should have been.
See, society feeds us all these lies, promising to show us better times. All we have to do is follow their rules, so selfish, so pointless, so void of truth.
They ignore the suffering of the silenced, and they silence those who refuse to ignore the suffering.
But I don’t know a life where I cant feel their pain, and I’d rather die than turn a foolish eye away from their agonized, fake smile.
I cry out, TRANSPARENCY! Shine light on the things society presses back into the shadows! Expose what has been hidden for so long! Open your eyes to the pain and the suffering happening right next to you!
If you stick your head in the dirt and ignore those who are in pain, then who will come running when you feel alone, lost in yourself again.
No one is born the King of Silence. So stand up, don’t back down, don’t wear that crown of laconism. Let your voice ring out, and fight the silence.
We are the Voice of the Voiceless.


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