Dark Reflections by Kai Meyer


Genre: Fantasy

In Venice, magic is not
unusual. Merle is apprenticed to a magic mirror maker, and Serafin – a
boy who was once a master thief – works for a weaver of magic cloth.
Merle and Serafin are used to the mermaids who live in the canals of the
city – beautiful creatures with hideous mouths that split their faces
from ear to ear – and to the guards who patrol the streets on living
stone lions. Merle herself possesses something magical: a mirror whose
surface is water. She can reach her whole arm into it and never get
wet.But Venice is under siege by the Egyptian Empire; its terrifying
mummy warriors and flying sunbarks are waiting to strike. All that
protects the Venetians is the Flowing Queen. Nobody knows who or what
she is – only that her power flows through the canals and keeps the
Egyptians at bay.

When Merle and Serafin overhear a plot to
capture the Flowing Queen, they are catapulted into desperate danger.
They must do everything they can to rescue the Queen and save the city
– even if it means getting help from the Ancient Traitor himself.

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