Hey Booklr!

A little while ago, Dakota, magic-in-every-book and a few others created a campaign titled #guyslovebookstoo and it was to help shed light on the fact that there are boys in this booklr community.  

A few days ago, Dakota brought the same idea to me but wanted it to be for the people of color in the booklr community. I remember a longer while ago, there was a post going around tagging booklrs run by poc. Why not blow that idea up? 

If you’re a poc and run a book blog, or hell if you just like any one book, come participate! It’s a great way to show how many poc readers there really are! Take a selfie, take a picture of your favorite books, take a selfie with your favorite book(s), whatever you want to do and tell us about yourself! What you like, what you love, where you’re from, and what you plan to be in life, anything!! Tag your post(s) with #pocbooklr so that we can all be in one place and find commonalities amongst each other! Poc authors are more than welcome as well! 

However, don’t feel pressured and don’t feel excluded. Let’s do a thing! Reblog away, help everyone find this! 

Signal boooost


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