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I have just come to the conclusion that I will probably not be doing daily blogs anymore. I’ll still do Faith Fridays and Short Story Saturdays, but that’s all I can say for sure. Those I can schedule. The fact is that school is hard and so is studying. But I can do ten-minute videos, because they don’t require very much thought. They are hilariously bad though, so expect that.

In case you need to be certain about what I implied, yes, the second draft is all finished, and just needs some beta readers/editors now. If you want to become a beta reader/editor, please email me at







*writes dystopian novel where a bisexual and asexual girl fall in love and save the world together along with their trans bestie and everyone is queer except for that one implied straight character*

narrow-minded people are getting mad over this post keep reblogging it

This story sounds awful and unrealistic. Have fun appealing to a fraction of the potential market 👍

This story sounds amazing and I would read the hell out of it. It is called “fiction”, and I’m sure with the rising amount of queer identifying people who regularly consume media such as this, it would be a smash hit. Please sit down.

Writer: I’m gonna write a dystopian fantasy novel about young people who save the world

Cishets: Mhm yes very good very realistic

Writer: With queer characters

Cishets: woah hold up now, lets not get unrealistic

A bunch of queers doing stuff together would actually be the most realistic representation, actually. Because, you know, we tend to travel in packs. The One Gay Friend™

is pretty much a myth.

Writing a character who becomes severely malnourished/dehydrated/sleep-deprived?


Here’s what you’ll need to know!
Learn all about the wonders of the human body and add scientifically-accurate drama to your stories.


  • DEATH: average – 21 days (3 weeks), max ever recorded – 70 days (2.3 months)
  • 6 HOURS: grouchiness and hunger due to lack of glucose.
  • 24 HOURS – 48 HOURS: hunger very apparent; pains in stomach; body has entered ketosis and is using fatty acids as energy.
  • 72 HOURS+: muscles begin to get broken down for energy.
  • You will become: increasingly depressed, irritable, hysteric apathetic; decline in concentration, comprehension and judgement; social isolation and withdrawal; possible self-harm.
  • If your character doesn’t eat for 5 consecutive days, they are at risk of Refeeding Syndrome. This is extremely dangerous and can be fatal.

recommended reading:


  • DEATH: average 3 days; some live 8 – 10 days
  • for the calculations: TWV = total water volume in body; average adult loses 2.5 litres of water per day.
  • Assuming that your character does not eat, drink or absorb any moisture.
  • 9 HOURS/2% TWV: thirst, discomfort, dry skin, loss of appetite; 50% loss of performance for athletes; elevated body temperature, rapid heartbeat, fatigue, dizziness when standing, decreased fluid secretion (sweat, urination, tears, etc).
  • 24 HOURS/6% TWV: sleepiness, severe headaches, nausea, tingling in limbs.
  • 36 – 72 HOURS/ 6 – 15% TWV: no urination, seizures, muscle spasms, shriveled skin, fainting, vision dimming, delirium.
  • 72 HOURS+/15% TWV+: Organ failure.

recommended reading:


  • DEATH: not known, but can stay awake for 11 days; max chronic sleep deprivation ever recorded (until death) – 6 months.
  • NOTE: This does not mean you can stay awake for 6 months. It means you can survive that long with chronic sleep deprivation – going days without sleep and then sleeping once or twice.
  • 24 HOURS: mental ability impairment of someone who has blood-alcohol content of 0.10%; everything is worse – emotional control, memory, attention, decision-making, hand-eye coordination.
  • 36 HOURS: hormonal spikes everywhere; losing time; lack of motivation; head buzzing like you’re dehydrated.
  • 48 HOURS: microsleep, regardless of what you’re doing (you fall asleep for 1-30 seconds and then become disorientated);
  • 72 HOURS+: say goodbye to higher mental processes like decision-making and planning. Also, say good bye to saying goodbye because even simple conversations are hard.
  • 80 HOURS+: … and hello, hallucinations!

recommended reading:

Publishing Update

So I finally got draft two of Dark Soldier done. It’s a really epic moment for me, as many of y’all know. Now it’s going to some friends for minor edits, then beta readers, then an agent. The agency I have planned is the same one that does Infernal Instruments.
I thought, “hey, that’s dark fantasy/steampunk, my book is dark fantasy/steampunk, we’re probably going to have the same audience.”
After that, it’s time to find an editor and finally a publisher! And after that? Who knows?!

I have a fantasy story, and I didn’t realize two of my protagonists friends have almost the same backstory. They’re both adopted by supernatural beings who isolate them from society, which isn’t the norm for anyone else in the story. Is that bad?


Not necessarily. Why don’t you try using it to develop a relationship between the two characters? After all, they understand each other in a way that most people can’t. 

(Sometimes the best course of action is make accidents like these seem intentional.)