Things that People Forget About When Writing Sword Fights


  • You don’t have to dodge by a foot. You only have to dodge by an inch.
  • Not all swords are made the same way. You wouldn’t fight with a katana the same way you would fight with a broadsword.
  • You don’t need to aim for the heart or the head. Get the vein in wrist, and you could incapacitate that hand.
  • Small cuts matter. If you’re cut up enough, you’re going to start suffering from blood loss, and that’ll put you at a disadvantage.
  • The blade isn’t the only thing that matters. There isn’t some set of rules in sword fighting where you can only stick the stabby end into the other person. Hit them in the head with the hilt, and they’ll feel it.
  • If there are multiple attackers, you want to incapacitate or kill each one as quickly as possible. Endurance matters, especially when you’re not only swinging/stabbing/aiming something that is 2-5 lbs (ceremonial ones were a lot heavier, but wouldn’t be generally fought with) but also taking/blocking heavy blows from at least one opponent.

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