As I try to get my computer fixed so I can continue writing/editing Dark Soldier, I’ve been thinking over the book as it is so far. I’ve been wondering, what is it that sets Dark Soldier apart from other books?
I would say that one of the main things I would like people to remember is that the protagonists are people. They’re not choir kids and they make mistakes and their bad decisions are not glossed over. Even the antagonists make good decisions and I don’t ignore the fact that they are people, too. I would like readers to really care when a character dies on either side. I want to stop the view that certain people are purely evil or good just because it’s more convenient for them to see them that way. And I want them to see that you don’t have to be a saint to save a life.
Anyway, I’m working on getting the book published by early 2016. Watch for Dark Soldier and follow me for more info!!

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