This is a sample of text in the Kalavin script used to write the literary language of the Kalavlainannu (although in the area where my OC Neriksinen lives, most Kalavin are at least somewhat bilingual in a demotic form of Kalavin-keel and the local Tsai’ghaw dialects). It’s basically an adapted version of the traditional Mongolian script (read about that here), with some extra letters and diacritics added. It’s written horizontally top-to-bottom with rows arranged right-to-left. The letters join together and have different forms depending on where they are in the word, like the Arabic alphabet.

These are two unrelated sentences I translated, which you would probably never see written down because most writing is religious/philosophical stuff, but oh well.

The first one:
Tala sörün kilvasagit
oltayar. /tala søryn kiɭʋasaːt oɭtajaɾ̥/
It means “S/he also knows the answer to the question”. tala is the third-person-singular pronoun ta with the suffix -la/le, meaning “also/too”; sörün is genitive of sörü which means “question, prompt”; kilvasagit is accusative of kilvasak which is a noun derrived from kilvani “to answer”; and oltayar is the present-tense form of the verb oltani, “to know”.

The second one:
Sin kaşnoya i-nikarşiva suŋki sörsükki-koş iyar. /sin kaʃnoja i‿nikaɾʃɨʋa | suŋki søɾsykːikoʃ ijaɾ̥/
I’d translate this one as “Although you’re pretty, you’re a complete idiot”. sin is the second-person-singular non-honorific pronoun; kaşnoya is literally “nice face” and means “pretty/beautiful” (of a person); i is the copula, and -nikarşiva means “although”, from the gerund form -ni and a postposition karşiva “opposite from”; suŋki means “totally” and comes from a Tsai’ghaw word tsung meaning “complete/total”; sörsükki-koş is literally “rock head” and means “idiot”; and iyar is the present-tense form of the copula.

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