My Lips Are Sealed!

As it turns out, I can’t actually view anyone else’s post but my own. I can like it, but I’m not allowed to see it while logged in. And when I attempted to log in to WordPress Support to ask what the problem was, it decided that I don’t actually exist. That’s a nice fact to know, I suppose.

Anyone know how to fix this?

2 thoughts on “My Lips Are Sealed!

  1. I’ve noticed some quirks as well since the new reader format came out. I can’t like your posts, for example, unless I fight with it. I usually forgo it if it doesn’t work. I really do like to let folks know that I’ve read what they had to say and connect to it, so it’s a major pain for me. Have you tried a different browser? I’m using Chrome, it works okayish. Haven’t tried safari or IE

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