it’s like, white fandom on tumblr is made of ppl who are nominally conscious of racial issues & plenty of them are marginalized in other ways so they’ll reblog pictures of models n characters of color and maybe they seem to give a shit about ferguson

but when it comes time to actually interrogate the ways they perpetuate white supremacy, mainly in the places they spend the most time and energy (e.g. fandom), that support for poc evaporates

they’ll desexualize and sideline protags of color who they can’t get away with erasing entirely and shit all over any poc who might get in the way of their white faves boning while harassing & invalidating fans of color who’re trying to carve any bit of representation we can out of what little we’re given

anyway their transparent attempts at looking progressive are fuckin hilarious, yall just look like fetishistic creeps when you’re willing to admire the way attractive poc look but refuse to humanize them in any capacity

Glad it ain’t just me.

This is a pretty big problem in booklr. 

I’m sorry to hear that this is the case with so many people. But let me give y’all a little bit of comfort. There are some fakers out there, but there are also white people who were raised around others of color long enough that just using the word “colored” to describe them feels a little weird. It wasn’t that we tried to pretend that it didn’t exist because that would be stupid, but that we came to know them enough on a human level so that it wasn’t “my Black/Asian/Hispanic friend”, but rather “Cedric” or “Alexa”. And if you dared to try claim any limitation on our friends because of their skin pigment, so help me God, you were going to get your arse kicked. We noticed the differences, but they never stopped us from seeing each other as human beings. 

So, luckily, our brains didn’t change when we started getting into fandoms. We don’t get more excited about shipping white people than people of any other ethnicity (unless those two white people just happen to ship really well). I personally had no second thoughts about making a poc protagonist for the book I’m writing, because it made sense with the story. If he’s / she’s a good protagonist in a series, we’re not going to be hindered in any way our enjoyment of the show by their pigment, and we have no issues seeing them as three-dimensional characters, and loving them for it. 

So while I’m aware there are some super-hypocrites on this site, please let it be known that there are lots of us who don’t think like this at all. Please don’t categorize fans just because of how stupid some of them are. 

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