Looking for Painting Reference Models

Seriously, we are on the lookout.

We’re needing people of every skin pigment to come in for this one. Basically, the illustrator for my upcoming novel is trying to get references for her paintings, and I don’t want to just steal images off the internet. I like to have people’s permission. Sadly, we can’t pay since we’re both poor American college kids, but we will do our best to get your name out. Here are a few characters we could use references for:

Character 1
Gender: Male
Skin Color: Brown / Black
Hairstyle: Ranges from short hair to medium-length braids by end of book, black
Body Type: Athletic
Age Pref: 20-30

Character 2
Gender: Female
Skin Color: Unspecified, implied medium
Hairstyle: Straight, blue
Body Type: Hourglass, Average
Age Pref: 25-30

Character 3
Gender: Male
Skin Color: Fair
Hairstyle: Short fohawk, Red
Body type: Slim
Age Pref: 18-25

Character 4
Gender: Female
Skin Color: Olive
Hairstyle: Curly, Black
Body Type: Pear, Athletic
Age Pref: 18-25

If you’re interested in joining up even without fitting these descriptions, we can probably fit you in. Trust me, there are a great variety of characters.

Send an email to officialgabrielpenn@gmail.com!

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