This also applies to no one, nobody, anyone, anybody, someone, and somebody.

Reasons why this is crap (besides the obvious):

1. In Britain, these words are sometimes considered plural anyway. The biggest disgruntlement occurs in America. Grammarians actually sit around and debate this (guilty).

2. The English language does not have a singular pronoun of undetermined gender. Except for, idk… hmmm, maybe ‘THEIR?!’ Since ‘to each, his own,’ leaves out about half the population, and ‘everyone raised her hand’ does the same, why not just


make ‘their’ both plural and singular? It’s not the 1950s anymore, so we can move past this.

3. It doesn’t even matter. Doesn’t change the meaning of the sentence. If you’re a writer, you’ll have to check your AP, MLA, or Chicago style guide (all of which will likely tell you to rewrite your sentence). If you’re not a writer, you probably shouldn’t GAF.

Or, if you have to write a paper, you could just post it somewhere…


(It helps if you claim to be good at grammar above your post.)


Oxford, “the standard of English”, says it’s valid now

Also “you” used to be plural until “thou” drop out of usage.  Now it’s both plural and singular.


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