Please make this go viral.

It is so important I don’t even care if you delete what I write here, just help it be seen. 


Pass this on!

For people who are or have been suicidal, does this or things like this help? I’m genuinely asking. I want to reblog something that actually helps, not just something I think helps.

This genuinely helps. I was suicidal for a large portion of my life, so my therapist asked me every time we spoke to tell her one thing i liked, or that made me happy. It could be anything at all. It could be something i’d already said. It didnt matter. That really helped me slowly.
She also made me say something positive for every negative. If i said something like ‘i just feel so stupid all the time,’ id have to say something i felt good about, like ‘i really like the colour red.’ I didnt think that my favourite colour would make such a difference, but really, when you slowly piece together a bunch of minuscule things, soon enough you have this list of 1000 things to live for.
So yes, reblog the shit out of this. Because this type of thinking saves my life every day.


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