Monthly Book Review Coming!

I have a saying. You should read a book for every ten selfies you take. Well, I don’t take many selfies, but I haven’t been into reading too much recently, either. So we’re going to change that! Once a month, along with all my writing posts, you’re going to get a full book review!

I haven’t decided what the first one will be. It’ll either be one of the many Neil Gaiman books I have lying around or Pilgrim’s Progress, which I just got in the mail today. Still not sure. But it’s a comin’! So watch for my first book review coming July 1, 2015!

6 thoughts on “Monthly Book Review Coming!

    1. Truth! People got WAY too sucked into the world of film and hardly anyone enjoys a good book anymore. I’m not dissing movies. I like a good one just as much as anyone else. But when they start to overshadow an art form like books as much as they do, it just makes me sad.


  1. I read Pilgrim’s Progress when I was 11 because they were reading it in Little Women, which I loved. I can’t really remember much about it except the Slough of Despond. If you do it, I’ll be interested to see how you like it.

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    1. I was also led by Little Woman to Pilgrims Progress, solsdottir, It must have been about 30 years ago because I dont remember much. I wonder how many other people Little Woman has influenced

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