Thoughts on Being a Better Person

Ironic timing for this. Just after doing one of the Blogging 101 exercises, I was forced to think a bit. It was shortly after I commented on a writing/personal blog linked here. (Speaking of which, you should definitely check the blog out. It seems to have lots of blogging potential.)

She talks about her simple goal to just become a better person over the next few months. I even commented that by the intent to become a better person, she’s already on her way. But it made me think a bit over my personal life. I know the purpose for this blog. I know the purpose of my book. But do I know my own purpose right now? And do I really want to become a better person?

It may seem like an odd question. At least deep down, I think everyone wants to be a good person, even if we aren’t naturally good. But what am I doing to better myself today? That’s a lot of italics, I know, but roll with it for a little bit.

That’s a lot of italics, I know, but roll with it for a little bit.

I realize that I ought to be always trying to better myself. Obviously I will never become perfect, but if I know I have faults, I have to at least try to correct them. I think I had come to a point where I wanted to become a better writer and blogger, but not actually change myself. But now I think I will start giving it a try again.

So how does one change themselves? As I told the blogger who inspired this, it starts with the desire. But there is more to the story. We Christians have a saying regarding self-improvement. Paul says it in Philippians 4:8. It goes like this.

It is similar to the Buddhist eightfold path. In fact, I’ve even openly referred to it as the Christian eightfold path in front of friends. So when you are making a decision, you must think. Is it:

  • true
  • noble
  • right
  • pure
  • lovely
  • admirable
  • excellent
  • praiseworthy

That’s a long list, I know. But it looks really cool in list form, so I thought I’d put it like that. Anyhow, I have made a determination. When I make a risky decision from now on, I will go through this verse, this eightfold path, in my mind. If even one thing cannot be checked off, I should at least rethink the decision.

Now, this does not mean that people cannot enjoy fighting or reading a good fantasy battle. If it is for good reason, such as protecting their family, friends or country, then it is admirable and praiseworthy. It does not have to fit all the requirements.

So, what are you doing to better yourself today?

Think about it.

10 thoughts on “Thoughts on Being a Better Person

  1. Thank you for sharing! I like how you listed the attributes to keep in mind when trying to be a good person. I love that you are a Christian and used the quote at the beginning. MY next learning goal is to find out how to do this along with music and such. I have always been a kind loving caring lady. I have fallen into gossip and drama though and I do vehemently speak up in the face of injustice, which might not make me that nice of a person. However I recently read in scripture and I am not sure which book, but God does want us to be angry and speak up in the face of injustice, so I’m covered. haha! I think you are right on with this. It is an every day conscience effort to be a good person. Nice post.

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  2. Thank you so much for breaking this down further, I think we all need a constant reminder that bettering yourself is a gradual process. I’m flattered that you think my blog has potential, it has given me much more blogging confidence. 🙂

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  3. If you truly are a follow of Jesus Christ then I hope my words will both encourage and shame you.

    There is no such thing as being a “better” person. Though you may seek it as some noble endeavor it will not in any way produce holiness toward the Lord Jesus Christ. Only….ONLY through Christ can we ever hope to become “better” in any sense of the word. Bettering ourselves will not gain us favor with God. Only His son can and has done that. To “better” ourselves in our way is to reject that we need Christ for true holiness.

    If indeed you are a brother in Christ then may the Peace and Grace of our Lord and Savior cover you. May God bless you. I’m sorry if this seems harsh to you. It only angers me that professing Christians are seeking other ways than Christ Himself.

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    1. I think you misunderstood the point of the post, and that I didn’t explain it as well as I should have.

      I see where you got confused. I am fully aware that we as humans are fundamentally flawed and cannot better ourselves no matter how much we try. That, as you said, is the work of God and not of man. With the word “bettering”, I am referring to sanctification, to becoming more Christlike. I can’t make myself a good person, but I CAN strive to represent Christ better using the verse I gave as example. And I do not think that it will get me some better standing with God by doing it. To the God who knows everything we’ve done, one good work isn’t going to do anything at all to make us look better. The term “filthy rags” comes to mind. But as a means of emulating Christ, now that is a good reason for, as I probably wrongly described, “bettering” myself. Sorry for all the confusion.

      And yes, I have been a follower of Christ since the age of fifteen – saved at eleven, but not really living out my faith until fifteen. It’s cool to always be finding more of us here on WordPress!


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