Cut it Out!

I’m learning the art of trimming things down.

I tend to prattle a bit when I write, which isn’t always an issue. But now I’m finding that some of my prattling does nothing for my style or the plot or even the subplot! Here’s what I’ve heard from my time on Tumblr. And I agree, it is a good way to find out if YOU need to cut things out.

If it does not:

  • add to the story,
  • develop your character,
  • help make the switch between scenes,
  • include the main character in some way,
  • or just generally work for you,

you may need to cut it out. Two books that I can think of that are well known for some of these are Moby Dick and American Gods. I love the books, but the amount of unnecessary scenes is just…. GAH! So many.

I’m probably going to take the book down to about 350 pages in the end. It was 410 at first.

Speaking of the book, we’re on Facebook as well! We’re not doing much now, but we’ll soon be showing pictures of the clothing for the book trailer, concept art, etc. So yeah, look that up and give us a like!

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