~The Magic of Making~

What a wonderful surprise to see these fantastic kylecassidy photos of neil-gaiman for Joan of Dark’s new book Geek Knits in which he’s wearing her Sherlock inspired scarf & deerstalker hat (and also stealthily wearing his black cashmere Kambriel overcoat)!

There’s something intrinsically magical about handmade things. Making things by hand can become a kind of meditation, a gentle spell-weaving as thoughts, energies, and wishes are stitched into fabric, knit in with yarn. Creations move on to their intended recipients, but a connection remains, and years can pass where even the tiniest appearance of a detail or shadowy silhouette is enough to recognize a piece from afar… It’s like an amaranthine pleasure which never fades, seeing something made with care, living its life & being enjoyed. In a world flooded with the mass-produced, it’s important to keep the magic/craft of handmaking treasures, of imbuing pieces with love, care, and perhaps some enchantment, alive & well.


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