Web Comic Concept Art?!

This is the beginning concept of the character Jack. Just an idea of the art style, I’ll probably be less sketchy in the final product. I probably won’t be doing the shading by hand for the comic, as I did here.IMG_1895

Apologies for low-qual. I took it with a phone. 😐 It happens. Thoughts?

This was about how grim the very original concept for him was, perhaps a little lessened, but alright. As stated before, he is a supernatural being, neither alive nor dead. Bullets don’t really do much. Therefore, “amateurs.” Look back to the original post to see more on “Jack”, coming October 2015. Maybe.


4 thoughts on “Web Comic Concept Art?!

      1. I think my son would like this too… He’s started checking some of the blogs I follow out, that are appropriate for him!!!


      2. It all depends what he can handle. There will be some frightening images and blood (as not all the supernatural beings are spirits: werewolves, zombies, etc). Think of the comic Ghost Rider when it comes to content. It’s somewhat similar.


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