5 thoughts on “Name Ideas

  1. Unlike with a child, where you have something like 3 days after birth (where they pretty much do nothing but sleep anyhow) to assign a name. You can get away with getting your cat and outfitting him/her with a name totally fitting their personality. We had a cat named skittles because he was extremely skittish around people he didn’t know. That said, if you like a name, go with it! Alternatively, I like the name Taipan.

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  2. Heimdall is a good name, but I would wait until you have your cat and get to know him for a few days before settling on a name. With our two cats (two rehomed Siamese), my wife and I have a theme of Egyptian names because we like Egyptology. We tried calling them many names until we found one that the cat would respond to and seemed like and fit them. Nomti’s name means “strength” and is fitting for our big boy who is now an aging, regal gentleman. Wesir, the ancient Egyptian pronunciation of “Osiris”, is fitting for our other cat that is caring, loving and, like his namesake, came to us missing some parts.

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