Leeway by Colleen Caitin


Genre: Fantasy, Romance

What happens when a very young and charismatic pirate captain meets an unbelievably annoying
and bitchy princess? All hell breaks loose!

Captain Lian loves
the sea and the life he built for himself. No rules. At least he did
before he ended up with the youngest daughter of the King on his beloved
ship which couldn’t be more problematic. Everyone knows that a girl on
board of a pirate’s ship brings bad luck!

Now he has to figure
out how to get rid of her as soon as possible without incurring the
King’s wrath on him and his crew. Easier said than done. While facing
one heated argument after another with the royal pain in the ass, it
turns out the captain and the princess have more in common than they
would like to admit.

As both of their lives start to fall apart they see themselves making choices that could change their lives forever.

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