Metaphor, Metaphor, Metaphor

So, I was originally going to a video about this, but YouTube is being strange I didn’t feel like working with it anymore. It’s late, I’m tired, so it goes. I’ve come to find while writing that metaphor is going to be a huge part of everything I do. My old English professor would be proud. He basically thinks everything is about metaphor. The book is considered a classic, clearly metaphor was involved. If you really like a thing by Shakespeare, do you know why? Because it has metaphor! I swear he thinks the entire fabric of the universe is based on metaphor. I personally think there’s a lot less metaphor than we give books credit for. I imagine most of the things we think are metaphors weren’t originally meant to be taken that way. I don’t really think those blue drapes have much of anything to do with the emotion of the antagonist. I think that the writer just wanted blue drapes.

Yet, for some reason, I have decided to make metaphor a huge part of the book. So much so, that it influences even the look of the characters. Literally, an entire species’ look is just one giant metaphor. I can give way too much, but I will show you what I showed on Twitter.

The inspiration but not the final look.

But now metaphor has become such a massive piece of the book that I can’t ignore it. While you won’t find characters symbolizing the six senses or emotions, many characters still do represent something. One character even represents the reader, but you may not guess who it is for some time. Maybe I have the problem of too much representation, who knows? But until I find a good reason not to have so much, I’ll keep it.

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