A Series of Updates

Because I have absolutely nothing else of interest to blog about and I don’t want this blog to go completely out the window, here’s some updates regarding the book I’m in the process of writing, Dark Soldier!

In regards to the teaser trailer, we are finally along more now than ever! Now that we have both actors ready for action, we have to make the props, find a special effects makeup… person… whatever their title is… and start filming! We’ll be posting pictures on the Facebook page as things come along.

As it gets closer to beg-publishers-to-sell-my-book time, we are getting down official canon looks for the characters. This means y’all get to see General Zenti in all her “five feet tall with a five foot six inch sword” glory. (The drawing version, I mean, not the real life version. I would like to see the real life version too, but we can’t all have it our way. You lied to me, Burger King.)

The overall tone of the second draft is darker than the original, although there is more humor. Surprising how that happened the way it did. It gets a bit more political as well, but I don’t mind that so much. I typically am quite against fantasy being so incredibly realistic, because fantasy is about letting people get away from all that. But I think this has enough non-realist stuff to get away with a bit. That’s what happened with Game of Thrones I think – murder, politics and dragons. Obviously the Soldier Chronicles is nothing like Game of Thrones, but you get where I’m going with this.

That’s it for today! Hope you have an excellent week!

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