Katriona by Lene Kaaberbol


Genre: Fantasy

In the country of Breda, men are forbidden a home to call their own. They live as nomads,
resting only at the mercy of the ruling women. Kat’s mother, Tess, the
Maestra of Crowfoot Inn, is one of these powerful women and Kat has
always known it is her destiny to follow in Tess’ footsteps. But then
one rain-swept night, a scarred woman comes to Crowfoot riding an
extraordinary silver horse and Kat’s world is turned upside down. From
that moment on it is her burning ambition to become a Bredanari a keeper
of the peace and rider of these magnificent creatures. But it isn’t
easy for a girl from the Vales to fit in at the Bredanari training
academy in the big city. Worse still, Kat knows something which has put
her life in danger. She has discovered the whereabouts of a dangerous
outlaw.Now there are ruthless people who will do anything to keep her
from revealing this secret, including leaving her unconscious on
Hellhorse Mountain, where the beautiful but deadly stallions run wild.
Kat soon finds herself deeply enmeshed in the dangerous plots and
politics that threaten her country, not to mention the life of someone
she has come to love.

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