God of Tumblr

It has begun.

After a little more than a week, I have gotten one new follower and two notes on a post. This happened in one day. Clearly, it is the sign of great things coming. This great thing will surely end in my complete reign of Tumblr as a site. I will become…


Ok, maybe not the GOD of Tumblr. But it is nice to see a weeks worth of work actually coming to fruition. And here’s what is excellent about Tumblr, so far as I can tell – they truly understand the worth of good writing. And not only do they understand the worth, but like WordPress, they are more than willing to help. With everything from character sheets, to how-to’s, to deep discussion on issues like race and sexuality of characters, it’s hard not to feel at home as a writer.

Through my time in Tumblr, I have gotten to deeply appreciate fan-fictions. Fan-fictions are hard work, as I have come to find! Unlike regular fiction, you must work with characters that already exist and make it believable. Now while there are certainly the smutty fan-fictions, there are also just excellent pieces of work based off already existing characters. I would suggest to all readers that they try at least one fan-fiction in their time, so that they get the idea of how to make a well-rounded and believable character.

Just be careful, should you come to Tumblr. There are many dangers here – feminazis, obsessive fangirls, people who think straight (and gender-aligned? if that’s a word?) people are evil, obsessive fanboys, and easily offended people who think everything is their “trigger”. Scary.

But if you at all get a chance, and have Tumblr, check out the blog. It’s fun, even with craziness! Maybe it’s the craziness that makes it so much fun. And be sure to check out MY Tumblr while you’re there! (Link)

Have an excellent day, and may phoenix fire guide you wherever you go!

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