Acknowledging Assistance: A Great Big “Thank You”!

I realize I talk a bit too much about myself and not enough about the people who have really did the most work. So this blog is going to have nothing to do with me and all to do with those who’ve helped me throughout the process of writing and creating a beautiful fictional world. There may be more that help as time goes on, and you’re freakin’ awesome, too, even if I haven’t met you. So here’s to you, even if you don’t read it.

First of all, I would like to thank the three youngest out of my five older brothers, who together did just as much work if not more than everyone else on this list. They provided three great things – resources, encouragement, and plot hole fixing. Plus some fight choreography.

  1. To the youngest of these mentioned – thanks for the plot hole fixing and the help with the fight scenes. Martial arts is an excellent thing to know, but fighting logic is even better. Thanks to you, the fighting is realistic as well as bloody and gritty and just plain epic.
  2. To the second-oldest of those three – thanks for the encouragement. Your interest in this project and encouragement to keep doing it even when I didn’t want to means more to me than you know. He helped create the epic mythology of the series, although he isn’t fully aware of it. My first way of choosing publisher is whether they let me send you the first copy or not. Rest assured, you will.
  3. To the oldest of the three – the resources you give me from time to time have been insanely helpful, more than you know. And just like the second-oldest, you were pretty awesome with encouragement. It’s sad to realize that I’ll never be as awesome as Tolkien, though.

To my amazing artist, who assuredly won’t care that people will know her name on here – Annika Sams. She created not only the artwork, official looks of characters and creatures, but the biggest plot twist in the series. Because she hasn’t read the whole thing, I’m not letting her know exactly which one that is, but it was one line of hers that changed everything. She has just been an incredible friend, confidant, and spiritual encouragement to me even when I felt too depressed by my lack of inborn writing talent to continue.

To my editors: we both have busy schedules but you always have helpful advice. The plans for draft two are now way cooler than I originally thought possible.

To my mum and dad – besides the artist herself, you were the most encouraging people here. You helped a lot with the themes and conversations in the book. You kept me spiritually on track, too, so that I am not ashamed of anything that happens in my book, nor does it contradict my beliefs. (And my dad is still awaiting for the book to come. He seemed really proud when the first draft was out, and I can’t wait to see his reaction to it finally being a thing.)

Finally, to the fans on each social media – you guys have been awesome. I have my regulars, my not-so-regulars who come in when things get awesome, my very helpful friends (mostly on the blog), and the ones who let me know that I’m not alone in this shindig of a writing experience.

Thank you all and have a wonderful weekend!

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